You are LANGSA!  

All Graduate Students in the Department of Literatures, Cultures and Languages
at the University of Connecticut are LANGSA members.




LANGSA aims to advance the critical study and research of cultural production in the languages of UCONN’s Department of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages. We want to promote a dialogue between graduate students and professionals of diverse cultural backgrounds and further interdepartmental collaborations and exchange. We want to build a community among students in the Department of Literatures, Cultures and Languages that helps each other. Therefore, we also organize social events, and are a mediator between students and faculty if problems arise.

LANGSA works like a human body and we are all part of that! Do you remember what the wise Menenius Agrippa narrated?
« Olim humani artus, cum ventrem otiosum cernerent, ab eo discordarunt, conspiraruntque ne manus ad os cibum ferrent, nec os acciperet datum, nec dentes conficerent. At dum ventrem domare volunt, ipsi quoque defecerunt, totumque corpus ad extremam tabem venit: inde apparuit ventris haud segne ministerium esse, eumque acceptos cibos per omnia membra disserere, et cum eo in gratiam redierunt. Sic senatus et populus quasi unum corpus discordia pereunt concordia valent. »

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