Every semester LANGSA offers different workshops to help you get the most out of you as a scholar, teacher, and prospective professional. These workshops range from planning your semester or teaching roundtables to how to prepare yourself for the academic job market. Stay tuned for the upcoming workshops!

Monthly Events

Every month LANGSA invites you to participate in various gatherings to exchange your ideas about your academic and teaching experience or to get you involved with the organization and give you a little taster of how LANGSA works. Keep an eye on the upcoming events!


Social Events

Every month, LANGSA organizes social events to give graduate fellows a break from the hard work during the academic year and enjoy some time out with friends in the department.

LANGSA Google Calendar

If you want to know which event is happening which week, look at the Events Calendar below or click on the event your are interested in. The easiest way to remember LANGSA Events is by adding the LANGSA Google Calendar to your personal calendar.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next event!

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